The Five Accounting Terms You Need to Know to Stay in Business

If you want to be successful in business, it helps to know math. And if you know math, it helps even more to know accounting. Accounting is the backbone of your business, whether it’s a healthcare practice or a small company on the side. It is the circulatory system and heart of every business, regardless

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5 Tips to Avoid Defaulting on Your Business Loan

As a lender, we see a full range of customers: those who pay the minimum, every month; those who aggressively work toward paying off their loan in full; and those who simply don’t pay. Obviously, nobody wants to be in that last bucket, but sometimes—largely due to unforeseen circumstances—it happens to even the best-standing and

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These are the 3 Things You Must Know if You Want to Borrow Money

When someone is potentially willing to lend you money, it’s not because they like you. Hopefully, they do like you, of course. But whether a lender likes you or not won’t have much of an influence on whether you receive a loan. That’s because business loan decisions are made on facts and data to ensure

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6 Stress Busting Tips for Doctors

Stress is a killer. You know it, you talk to your patients about it daily. But do you take a dose of your own medicine? Do you practice what you preach? Your fast-paced, high-stakes life could be taking a greater toll on your own health than you even recognize. Don’t let daily demands and pressures

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5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Own Business

Starting a private practice or other medical business is a huge and exciting step in your career. If you’re at this crossroads, congrats! But just because you’re a stellar physician doesn’t mean you’re as adept at running a business. Are you confident in the financial aspects of running your own practice? Before you take the

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