The Importance of Separating Business and Personal Finances for Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, it can be tough to separate your business life from your personal life. You may work long hours, see patients on what should have been a day off, or spend your free time furthering your education and career. Your finances are one area where it’s not acceptable to blur the lines

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5 Reasons Borrowers Go into Default

Getting a loan: Good. Going into default on said loan: Not good. Recovering from a default loan: Very good. Ignoring a default loan: Very bad. If we had a crystal ball, we’d be able to avoid the “not good” stuff from happening. But since we can’t predict the future, unexpected and not-good things can and

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How To Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals

It’s tempting to treat a tax refund as “extra” money. Don’t forget that your refund dollars are actually part of your hard-earned income. Rather than spending your refund check on things you don’t really need, invest that money in your healthcare career. For practice owners who have sole proprietorships and S corporation entities, use the

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This is the Biggest Mistake Healthcare Professionals Make on Their Taxes

I’m a big believer in getting checkups, and at my age, I visit a fair share of medical people throughout the year. I have my blood drawn every six months at a lab. I get a physical done by my family doctor once a year. I receive annual checkups by a urologist, a cardiologist, and

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Hiring a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner at Your Practice   

As your private practice grows, you may find that you’re no longer able to get everything done on your own. Whether you’re short on time for patient education, tired of working long hours, or find yourself turning away new patients for lack of availability, it may be time to consider bringing on an advanced practitioner.

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