5 Reasons Why Some Fintech Lenders May Not Be a Fit for Physicians

I know doctors, sometimes better than they know themselves. That is, at least when it comes to their financing needs.  As President of the Lending Division at Bankers Healthcare Group, I speak with healthcare professionals every day about funding. You see, a doctor, really most healthcare professionals, have unique needs and expectations that are dramatically

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Customer Story: Financing a Private Medical Practice at the Speed of Innovation

As a doctor and entrepreneur, Scott Jacobson, D.O., finds financial independence very important. And though the challenge of medicine is enjoyable for him, the costs of operating an independent practice—from facilities and equipment to payroll—add up fast. Dealing with Business Expenses the Smart Way Dr. Jacobson understands that running his independent medical practice takes money

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Customer Story: Debt Consolidation for Nurses

Letitia Barnett had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. When her life shifted gears and becoming an MD was no longer possible, Letitia proudly served her community for nearly 30 years as a registered nurse. While she’s had an excellent career, she was ready to spread her wings and pursue a new venture. Letitia set

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9 Ways to Spring Clean Your Small Business Finances

Spring has officially sprung, which means that it’s time to do some deep cleaning. Just as you would tackle every corner of your home when the new season hits, your finances deserve the same careful attention. With the first quarter swept under the rug and tax season behind us, here are some ways to help

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Financial Path from resident to physician

Healthcare professionals require a lot of training and education. It’s not an easy job (as you know), and when you get home from a long busy day on your feet, the last thing you’re going to want to do is crunch numbers.  You take care of people all day, so caring for yourself—especially financially—might feel

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Understanding Behavioral Differences to Make You a Better Practitioner

Most of us go through our day in somewhat of a habitual way; we have our routines, our patterns, and our responses to what comes at us in our work and in our everyday life. One way to create the best interactions with others that result in the best possible outcomes is to understand your

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