Countdown to The #1 Way to Prevent Career Burnout

There’s a sweet spot you reach once you’ve worked in your career for a little while.  You feel practiced. Experienced. Authoritative. People seek you out for mentorship and guidance. You can do your work with your eyes closed, your hands tied behind your back. Nobody doubts you. You are respected. You have succeeded.  Then the

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4 Reasons You Need a Collections Plan…Yesterday

With high-deductible insurance plans on the rise, patients are having an increasingly difficult time paying their medical bills. And, these mounting uncollected payments can put a serious strain on cash flow and wreak havoc on your practice. Making it easy for a patient to pay their bill will always work in your best interest. Payment

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5 ways to groom your practice staff for a leadership role

The greatest leaders teach others to lead. That’s all that leadership really is, right? Making space at the top for the next generation of thinkers, shapers, managers, and innovators is ultimately what we want to accomplish in our work. So how do we ensure we’re finding the right talent and grooming it well for the

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Work-Life Integration: It’s All About Alignment & Boundary Control in Healthcare

Work-life balance is a myth. Most of us will never be able to fit in everything day to day, week to week, or month to month. Yet when we can’t do this, we feel like we’re failing both personally and professionally. During my residency training program, I moonlighted for a group of doctors who were

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14 Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness

It’s definitely not the worst thing that wellness is such a trend right now—as a healthcare professional, you know firsthand that living healthier makes everyone happier and more productive. But the way we execute those wellness initiatives in workspaces requires some care and thought to be successful. Programs requiring employees to do anything regarding their

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#SmartSpending: Keep Your Credit Usage in Check During the Holidays

The holidays are a whirlwind of buying and it’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to your finances. Here are 3 surefire ways to keep your credit utilization in the safety zone and your credit score on the rise. Know your credit limits. Whether that involves double-checking your monthly statements or your

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