What Can Physician Practice Financing Help You Achieve?

As a physician managing your own practice, you probably have a lot of goals for the future. A working capital loan from Bankers Healthcare Group can help fund many different initiatives to advance your practice and help you achieve these goals. New Technology In this fast-paced world, it’s vital to keep up with new technologies.

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Avoiding Common Medical Startup Pitfalls

Starting your own practice is a huge undertaking. Even the most organized and motivated physicians can make simple missteps that further complicate the process. Luckily, Bankers Healthcare Group is here to help. We have extensive experience working with medical startups. Learn how to start a medical practice while avoiding the common startup pitfalls outlined below,

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How to Modernize Your Medical Practice

When you run your own medical practice, you have a lot to handle in your day-to-day. You might not think much about the software you use (or don’t use) or other technology that helps run your business. This can be to your detriment — if you don’t consider changing technologies, and the changing patient expectations

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Factors and Red Flags when Contemplating a Practice Startup

When looking to start a new business, acquire an existing business or to merge your existing business with another firm there are many factors and some red flags to take into consideration before moving forward. This is just as true with a medical practice startup as it is with any other type of business. Starting

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The History of Medical Practice Financing at Bankers Healthcare Group

Bankers Healthcare Group has been providing practice financing since the company started in 2001. Meeting the working capital needs of physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other healthcare professionals is the basis of BHG’s business model. Entrepreneur, BHG Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Eric Castro, describes how the business interests of healthcare professionals are key to the

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