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5 Reasons You’re Not Paying Your Nonclinical Staff Enough

It’s not easy finding qualified applicants for nonclinical positions. Between competition from other medical centers, higher pay in other industries triggering turnover, and low unemployment rates – the pool of qualified applicants is shallow at best.

There’s only one thing to do. Pay your nonclinical staff more. And here’s why.

  1. Your front office employees are the face of your practice. They’re the first ones to interact with your patients. They set the tone for the entire care experience — which can absolutely make or break patient satisfaction. Think about it. Engaged, competent, quick…it makes a difference.
  2. Many practice owners pay low. Let your peers continue to allocate the minimum amount for their nonclinical employees. Let them base their pay on the lower end of salary ranges found on websites. Let them offer what their friends are paying. When you offer a solid salary, you’ll set yourself apart . You’ll not only attract, but retain top talent. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. High turnover = more mistakes. From rocky interactions with patients to bookkeeping errors, a constant stream of new employees could be pretty costly. High turnover has a pretty dramatic trickle-down effect — and can affect everyone involved. Your veteran staff may have to juggle more, trying to get your new team member up to speed. This isn’t good for moral. And it will likely affect your patient experience. Plus your collections and claims could be riddled with errors. Not good.
  4. A great administrator is worth their weight in gold. If you’ve found an administrator you trust implicitly with your business, pay them more than you think you should. The right person will bring your concepts to fruition, understand billing and collection, is skilled and conflict resolution, and can manage touchy interactions with the best of them. If you have this person, give them a raise. If you don’t, the search is on — and be ready to cough up a salary that sings when the right person comes along.
  5. Earning respect is a flawed theory. Every employee needs to feel valued and respected for what they do and what they bring to the practice. That whole “respect is earned” thing isn’t going to work for you. There’s simply too much at stake for that approach. And it means the people you’re hiring aren’t up to snuff. You should hire people who are capable. Skilled. And have value from day one.

From an ROI standpoint, it makes perfect sense to simply pay your nonclinical staff more. If you’re interested in bolstering the talent at your healthcare practice, but don’t want to put a strain your cash flow, Bankers Healthcare Group offers fast, hassle-free working capital loans to healthcare professionals.


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