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5 Ways to Hire the Best Talent in a Crowded Healthcare Market

Much like the tech industry in Silicon Valley, the healthcare job market is “full”—meaning that it has less than 3% to 4% unemployment. Since there are more job openings than there is qualified talent to pull from, it’s become not only a challenge, but a competition, to bring in the best candidates.

If you want to catch the eye of top candidates in the job market, you need to be noticeable. Check out these tips for how you can stand out from the crowd and attract top talent to your healthcare practice.

  1. Write great job descriptions

Indeed, one of the world’s most popular recruiting sites, posts almost 10 jobs every second, so if you’re posting online, sticking to the status quo will get you nowhere. A bland job description will serve as a first impression for your practice, and more often than not, will get lost in the industry’s crowded market.

Write your postings so they’re clear and concise. Draw in candidates by showcasing your practice and what makes it special, rather than opening with a bland list of responsibilities. Keep it kind and lighthearted, promoting your team’s culture and values, or the unique perks you offer right away.

  1. Don’t limit yourself

Great candidates come in all shapes in sizes—so don’t be afraid to break the mold and think beyond a certain profile for any position. Work experience and intelligence are not the only factors in hiring, so don’t strike away any options.

And don’t rule out individuals who may be in a pay grade above what you’re able to offer.  There are plenty of factors that go into choosing a job other than money. You never know, maybe your practice’s location is close to a candidate’s home, or they see it as a place where they can develop in the future.

  1. Update your presence online

Having a strong online presence is more than a means of improving patient acquisition and brand presence. Candidates, younger ones in particular, want to promote themselves and their own personal brand—aligning with a company with a recognized online presence will help them do so.

Showcase your brand by investing in a great website, as well as being active on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

  1. Leverage your team

People often associate themselves with others who are similar to them, so if you’re seeking great employees, consider leveraging your team’s top performers and asking if they know anyone who may be a good fit for a position.

Creating an employee referral program is also a great way to branch out your recruiting efforts, and cut down on time and costs. You’ll also be able to better engage with talent not actively seeking new jobs online, but who, through peer referrals, may be open to new positions.

  1. Consult specialized recruiters

Recruiters, particularly ones who operate in healthcare, are experts at identifying and getting in front of top industry candidates. Many recruiters and recruiting firms already have a network of candidates who are looking for a new position, so they can serve as the relationship broker between top talent and your practice.

In a full healthcare job market, the top candidates aren’t just going to stumble through your practice’s front door.  You need to be proactive and get in front of them. Leverage these tips to stand out and land your next key player.

Marcos Palacios

Marcos Palacios is Corporate Recruiting Manager at Bankers Healthcare Group, the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals. He leads global recruiting efforts and talent management.

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