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Does it Matter Which Lender I Choose for Business Loans in Healthcare?

At Bankers Healthcare Group we understand that healthcare professionals are engaged in business—that you receive payments for services, perform transactions with vendors, meet payroll obligations, etc.—in the course of long days spent as doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and other medical specialties. But we are also aware of the many unique aspects that are at work in the medical marketplace, to name just a few:

  • Convoluted pathways for reimbursement and payments
  • Increasing expenditures mandated by professional and government regulations
  • Rising demands to keep up with expensive digital technology

So, when shopping for business loans, doctors and other practitioners may face roadblocks when approaching lenders who aren’t familiar with the healthcare industry.


Will the Lender Work with Your Demanding Schedule?

Inconvenient communication options, extensive application and documentation requirements and financial analyses that are out of sync with healthcare business parameters are just a few of the challenges that might slow down commercial loan approval for physicians, dentists and other practitioners. That’s valuable time you could be spending with patients, earning continuing education credits, charting or getting a start on your plans—the ones for which you wanted the loan in the first place! A lender that understands the fast-moving nature of healthcare and the demands of your hectic schedule can provide an opportunity to quickly and conveniently obtain financing without visits to a bank and time away from your patients.


How Much Experience Does the Financial Institution have with the Healthcare Lending?

With a traditional lender that works with a wide variety of businesses, it’s likely that your loan application will be evaluated with much, if not all, of the same criteria used to evaluate a restaurant or landscaping business. A lender that focuses exclusively on the financing needs of healthcare professionals will likely possess a much more thorough understanding of your unique needs and business cycles. Since 2001, Bankers Healthcare Group has specialized in providing fast, hassle-free business loans for doctors and other healthcare practitioners.

BHG Chief Operations Officer, Eric Castro, explains the mindset with which he and his partners founded the company: “Not only did we understand the time limitations that practitioners face in the performance of procedures and day-to-day patient care, we understood how all-consuming it was to start and operate your own business.” That attitude and direction still holds true today.


Not only did we understand the time limitations that practitioners face in the performance of procedures and day-to-day patient care, we understood how all-consuming it was to start and operate your own business.


Does the Lender Provide Customized Loans for Healthcare Professionals?

Bankers Healthcare Group has provided over $2 billion in funding and worked with over 100,000 healthcare professionals. You can read about their experiences in our many customer reviews and testimonials. We understand the professional nature of your work and your ability to juggle new training and advanced certifications while still providing patient care. BHG offers loans that are fast and hassle-free, with minimal paperwork, approvals within 24 hours and funding in as few as three days, helping you obtain the capital you need without a lengthy, exhaustive application process. Whether you are a practice owner with plans for improving your practice through debt consolidation, equipment purchases, additional office staff or expansion of services, or an employed healthcare professional with plans of starting a practice or business of your own, BHG can provide flexible working capital loans to meet a wide range of business needs


Are Additional Financial Services Available from the Lender?

Along with commercial working capital loans for physicians, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists and other medical professionals, Bankers Healthcare Group also offers the BHG Power MasterCard®. And you can find insurance services available from our partner company, BHGIS. As a testament to our focus on serving you, these financial solutions are exclusively available to healthcare professionals. When you shop for financial services to support the growth of your healthcare business or career, choose companies like Bankers Healthcare Group that understand the business of healthcare. To contact a financing specialist, call 866-297-4664 or get started online.

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