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29 |
December 20, 2018

Need a website, but not sure where to start? Already have a site, but it needs an update? Tune in for insights on everything from defining your audience, key messages and goals to the technical aspects of building a site.

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28 |
December 13, 2018

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re talking about how to create positive change within and give back to your community. This episode’s special guest is John Tumino, homeless advocate and founder of Syracuse, N.Y.-based nonprofit In My Father’s Kitchen.

27 |
November 15, 2018

Email is one of the most effective ways to market your healthcare services or business. This week’s episode covers the basics, from types of campaigns to execute and list management to best practices and what to avoid.

26 |
November 8, 2018

Student debt, outstanding loans, increased tax obligations, practice investments … these are just some of the financial concerns on the minds of aspiring healthcare professionals—and a reality for many who currently practice medicine. You can take control of your finances, and we’re speaking today with a financial expert for advice on how to do it.

25 |
November 1, 2018

After uncovering issues with the way agencies have been calculating consumers’ credit scores, the Consumer Data Industry Association refined its tracking methods. This, in turn, affected people’s credit scores—in a positive way. For healthcare providers and business owners, this is good news because a higher credit score implies credit health and can lead to better borrowing opportunities and rates.

24 |
October 25, 2018

According to scientific research, laughter can be just as important to our well-being as diet and exercise. Time magazine even recently issued a special edition focused exclusively on the science of laughter and how it can positively affect our bodies, minds, and souls. As a healthcare professional, we know you deal with stress regularly and struggle to find the right work/life balance. We’re here to let you know that a few chuckles or a good ol’ belly laugh can be good therapy for you – not just your patients.

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