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January 31, 2019

Understanding How Behavior Impacts Work

Understanding behavioral differences can help us be better bosses, colleagues, and practitioners. Today’s guest is Allison Whiting, a consultant who has experience with DiSC behavioral assessment tools. Hear what she has to say about having more awareness about each other’s behaviors so that we can communicate more effectively.
DiSC helps to better understand our own reactions and the reactions of others.


Allison Whiting

In her role as a consultant and change agent, Allison works extensively with clients to build cohesive leadership teams, identify and develop leadership talent, improve performance management and talent planning, align organizations around key priorities, and build better communication.

Her experience with DiSC behavioral assessment tools in a variety of applications establishes a common language, focuses on strengths and development areas, and provides practical tools and strategies. Allison has delivered DiSC training to hundreds of participants over the course of her career, and worked with dozens of organizations to help create work cultures of purpose, passion, creativity, and results.

Contact Allison at info@alignwithintent.com

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