Welcome to the Impact Series. Hosted by CMO Chris Panebianco, the Impact Series features honest, powerful conversations with employees across all levels of the organization who are making an impact at BHG and in the community. This monthly podcast explores how we’re building an environment designed to create, motivate and celebrate top achievers, so we can continue to run through walls, outperform, and win. Listeners will hear first-hand stories about BHG, and take away lessons in life, leadership, and how to succeed in your career.

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15 |
May 26, 2021

How do you build products that users love and test the boundaries of innovation? For BHG’s Vice President of Product, Ramesh Menon, you first need to have the freedom and authority to build something new and get ahead of reacting to business as usual.

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14 |
May 14, 2021

What keeps BHG ahead of the curve? For our SVP of Data Management, Danielle Walker, the answer is our data. For almost a decade, BHG has played a critical role in the evolution and application of data to fuel our growth.

13 |
April 13, 2021

What goes into the decision to leave a well-established, large corporation to join a rapidly-growing company like BHG? For BHG’s Chief Financial Officer Dan McSherry, it was all about seeing opportunities and having the ability to create real change.

In the latest episode of the Impact Series, our CMO Chris Panebianco sits down with Dan to discuss his time on Wall Street, and how he leverages his industry expertise to not only ensure BHG’s financial success, but also the success of his people. Dan shares how he’s growing the company’s Finance department, and his unique approach to empowering and building leaders on his team.

12 |
March 2, 2021

When presented with a new challenge, BHG Account Executive Nick Burdo asks himself, “Why not me?” It’s this mentality that allows him to create opportunities for personal and professional growth, rather than waiting for it to present itself.

In this episode of the Impact Series, our CMO Chris Panebianco welcomes Nick to talk about his journey from intern to MVP award winner, the philosophy he lives by, and what it takes to thrive on the fast-paced lending team at BHG.

11 |
February 16, 2021

Have you ever had an interview focused on who you are as a person, not what was written on your resume? That’s exactly what happened to Brittany George, BHG’s Director of Funding, when she joined the company almost 10 years ago.  

From individual contributor to one of BHG’s most valuable leaders, Brittany sits down with CMO Chris Panebianco to discuss her unconventional career path, and shares how taking risks and getting outside of your comfort zone will help you excel in your career.

10 |
January 15, 2021

In this episode of the Impact Series, we sit down with our Chief Revenue Officer Juan Carlos Ortigosa to discuss how he’s built one of the most agile, execution-focused analytics teams in the country. Juan Carlos speaks to the importance of setting expectations as a leader and the transformation it’s had on his team, and why he embraces a “fail fast” mentality. He also offers advice on how employees can excel at BHG, and reflects on the ways Analytics has played a key role in BHG’s growth into new markets.

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