Welcome to the Impact Series. Hosted by CMO Chris Panebianco, the Impact Series features honest, powerful conversations with employees across all levels of the organization who are making an impact at BHG and in the community. This monthly podcast explores how we’re building an environment designed to create, motivate and celebrate top achievers, so we can continue to run through walls, outperform, and win. Listeners will hear first-hand stories about BHG, and take away lessons in life, leadership, and how to succeed in your career.

This week's episode

07 |
March 5, 2020

Jordan Barzee, our Director of Client Services, walks CMO Chris Panebianco through the evolution of the department he built over the past ten years, and why having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is crucial in business.

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Recently aired

05 |
January 27, 2020

Director of People Development at BHG, Katie Barnes, discusses the influential role she’s played in rebranding BHG’s HR department as People Development. Katie shares how shifting from traditional HR to a strategic business partner allows her team to better support the agile, fast-moving culture found inside the walls of BHG, and how a “people first” approach has led to countless awards at both the regional and national level.

04 |
January 6, 2020

In today’s episode, CMO Chris Panebianco sits down with April, a mother of two autistic children, to discuss the challenges of being a working parent, the importance of having a support system at work, and how BHG truly embodies a “family first” culture. 

03 |
December 18, 2019

Sit down with Zach Raus, President of BHG’s Lending Division to discuss the pivotal moments that propelled his career forward, starting with his first job as our Corporate Athletic Director. While he loved helping people in the gym, he aspired to make a different type of impact at BHG. Today, he speaks first-hand about the power of raising your hand, aligning your passions with your personal goals, and developing good habits that earn respect and trust throughout your company.

02 |
November 22, 2019

CMO Chris Panebianco sits down with Madison Bernal, Employee Experience Manager at BHG, to discuss how we live our mantra—BHG Builds People Who Build BHG—everyday. This episode explores our signature leadership program, which enables our managers and future leaders to grow and take our company to the next level, and our personal assessment tool to improve teamwork, communication and productivity. To learn more about BHG, visit careersatbhg.com.

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