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Spring Into Fitness

Do you work out? Of course you do! But no matter how much you believe in the benefits of health and fitness, even the best of us lose steam now and again. BHG360° conducted an informal survey of a variety of health and fitness bloggers, from active mothers like Mackenzie McKee to certified trainers like Leslie Ann Quillen. We asked them to share their tips and advice about working out and staying in shape—and how to keep up the motivation. As you can see from this snapshot of health-minded individuals, those of us interested in living well tend to use many different strategies and regimens to complement our lifestyle and reach our fitness goals. In the spirit of National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, we invite you to share these and other tips with your patients and colleagues.

Now let’s hear from you! What’s your wellness routine? How do you set goals and stay motivated?BHG_SpringFitness_Infographic1-455x1024