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Using Technology to Improve Patient Experience

Positive patient experiences can have a profound effect on your healthcare practice. When patients have a great experience, they are more likely to stick with your practice as well as recommend your services to friends and family. Improving patient experience can be as easy as incorporating some new technology into your practice. Check out our recommendations below, and then contact Bankers Healthcare Group to learn how we can help you finance some of these new initiatives.

Patient Portals

Give patients access to and control over their health anytime, from anywhere with a patient portal. These convenient online tools can be used to access health records, send messages between patient and doctor, refill prescriptions and more. Patients simply log in to access the full range of services. This can eliminate the need for phone calls with long wait times, and empower patients to be more involved in their care.

Online Scheduling

From ordering food to communicating with family, patients are accustomed to doing everything online. Make their lives easier by offering an online appointment scheduling tool on your website. Allow patients to select a few days and times that work for them, and then confirm their appointment time via email. You can even set up automatic email reminders to help cut down on missed appointments.

Self Check In Kiosks

Does your practice struggle with bottlenecks at the reception desk? Reduce wait times and free up staff time by introducing self check in options. Patients can update personal information, enter their insurance card, determine their copay and more. With the right software, you can implement a self check in option with just a tablet, or you can choose to invest in dedicated kiosks.


For healthcare professionals in remote areas, telehealth tools can dramatically improve patient experience. By using video conferencing technology to follow up with patients, practitioners can cut down on the need for follow up visits for patients who live far away from the practice. Video calls can be more informative than phone calls and can better recreate the in-office experience.

Cloud Based Health Records

When patients need their health records for school, insurance, or personal reasons, they probably have to call your office and may even need access to a fax machine. Instead, make it easy for patients to access their records at any time by using cloud based technology. Cloud based EHRs securely store all necessary information online, and give patients access via a personal login.

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