Brittany George

Director of Funding


As the Director of Funding, Brittany George manages a team of highly-skilled professionals that execute the funding of a loan at lightning speed while maintaining the quality and integrity of the loan product. Funding also focuses on the overall customer experience while expediting the final steps of the loan process. Teaching and motivating her team to push beyond the limits, to take initiative and always be a team player has created a successful environment and has been a huge contributor in the department’s ability to constantly exceed expectations.

Brittany started at BHG in 2008, where she began her career in an entry level position. Utilizing her drive and strong will, she quickly progressed through multiple roles and later landed a position within funding, where she found her passion. The extensive knowledge and experience gained combined with her outstanding work ethic rocketed her career, placing her in the role she is in today.

Native to South Florida and daughter of an army veteran, Brittany was taught the principles of integrity, hard work, initiative, and consistency at a young age molding her into the leader she has become today. Brittany has received many accolades over the years including Peer of the Year, several Impact Player of the Month and Circle of Excellence Awards, and most recently the Beast Mode Award (2019), Presidential Award (2019), and All-Star Award (2020).