Are you missing revenue opportunities with patients who abandon treatment? Are outstanding patient balances negatively impacting your cash flow? Realize your full earning potential with a better payment solution for your patients — the BHG MORE Mastercard®.



Increase your cash flow by collecting payment upfront. Patients can even use their card the same day they apply — no more waiting to get paid!


You aren't forced to discount service just to provide financing. Payments are processed just like any Mastercard transaction.


You keep your money even if a patient defaults on his/her payment. Providers don't have to re-purchase bad debt.


Patients can review card benefits and apply on their smartphone in minutes — no need to involve your staff.



0% APR for 6 months on healthcare transactions greater than $499. After that, a variable 15.24% – 23.99% APR applies based on creditworthiness.1


Earn unlimited 2% cash back on any healthcare transaction $499 and under. 1% back everywhere else.2


Access special financing and cash back benefits at any healthcare location that accepts Mastercard – at the dentist, vet, pharmacy and MORE.


No penalty rates or retroactive interest charges. No application, pre-payment penalty or annual fees.1


The BHG MORE Mastercard gives your patients a better way to pay and your practice more ways to earn. And unlike other healthcare financing, you don't have to discount your services or re-purchase bad debt if patients default on their payments.

Make MORE your patient payment solution!
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Frequently Asked Questions

+ - How would my patients apply for the BHG MORE Mastercard?
We will provide you with in-office marketing materials that guide patients to a unique MORE Mastercard web page tracked to your practice. Patient can apply on their smartphone in minutes, get a credit decision in seconds, and if approved, request a temporary card number usable for 1 healthcare purchase right away.
+ - How much will it cost my practice to offer the BHG MORE Mastercard to my patients?
We do not take a percentage of your revenue for BHG MORE Mastercard transactions unlike traditional patient financing programs. You process payments just like any Mastercard transaction. There is a one-time start-up fee to enroll in the program.
+ - Will my staff be subject to training and/or responsibility to disclose the BHG MORE Mastercard terms and conditions?
Your staff will not be required to recite or explain terms and conditions. All your staff needs to do is refer patients to your BHG MORE practice web page or phone line that we provide to you. This will allow your patients to apply on their own, keeping their information secure and your practice and employees free from having to disclose terms and conditions.
+ - Why would I offer this in place of other patient financing programs?
The BHG MORE Mastercard provides consumers confidence and support of Mastercard and is more consumer friendly than traditional private label patient financing credit cards on the market. Unlike many other patient financing programs, there are no provider fees charged to your practice, so we don't take a portion of your earnings when someone uses the BHG MORE Mastercard to finance a healthcare payment. You process payment just like any standard Mastercard transaction. Additionally, your staff is not required to issue documentation or disclosures for patients to apply or get approved. You can give patients a better way to pay for treatment while allowing your practice to reduce accounts receivable and increase cash flow.

BHG MORE Mastercard applications are subject to credit approval. Ask for details.

1Terms and Conditions

2The BHG MORE Mastercard provides 2 rewards points per dollar spent for healthcare transactions that are $499 or less. All other purchases receive 1 point per dollar spent. This cash back offer provides you with options to redeem your accrued points in the form of statement credits, travel and gift cards. Similar merchant category codes are grouped into Purchase Categories that are used to calculate the stated rewards points. Every effort is made to include all relevant merchant category codes in the listed Purchase Categories. However, even though a merchant or the items that it sells may appear to fit within a Purchase Category, the merchant may not provide the merchant code that will fall within that Purchase Category. Because of this, it cannot be guaranteed that a purchase will qualify for more than the standard 1 (one) reward point per dollar spent as any purchase where a merchant uses a category code outside of the eligible Purchase Category does not qualify for additional rewards points. To see a full description of the rewards program rules, please visit To redeem these cash back options, please visit the rewards site at

The BHG MORE Mastercard® is issued by Pinnacle Bank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard® and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.