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Tax Must-Do’s in Q3

Just because it’s not tax season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about taxes!

In episode 13 of BHG’s Perfecting Your Practice podcast, host and BHG Chief Marketing Officer Chris Panebianco talks with CPA/small business owner/national columnist Gene Marks and BHG’s Senior Tax Manager Jessica Page about summer tax planning for healthcare professionals. You’ll learn there are things you can do now to be better prepared for tax season in the fall.

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Driving Patient Engagement

Chris Panebianco and Gene Marks share industry secrets and knowledge on how to engage people, because there’s no such thing as having enough business.

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Financial terms healthcare pros need to know

Gene Marks and Jessica Page join us once again in a fun roundtable discussion to cover financial terms and acronyms every healthcare professional should know.

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Practice as a doctor, but think like a business owner

Special guest, Gene Marks joins our podcast to share some tips on how to plan ahead financially and manage your money to set your healthcare practice up for success. Gene writes every day for The Washington Post and weekly for Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazines.

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Succeeding with bundles

Earl Anderson from Tennessee Orthopaedics talks about bundles.

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The fight for independence

Challenges faced and strategies implemented by a surgical specialty practice trying to maintain its independence.

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How to take control of medical practice debt

If you have medical business debt lingering over your head, it’s time to take control.

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Four easy ways to boost marketing for your practice

How do you stand out from the crowd and ensure you’re running a successful practice and getting new patients? Most people simply expect growth, but you have to plan for it. It’s true for any business—you have to invest money to make money. As a medical professional, you’re being asked to do more, and find ways to see more patients, where is the time in the day to do that? One way is through marketing.

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Most important factors of medical practice finance

There’s a lot more to being a medical business owner than treating your patients. You are the CEO of your business, and ultimately, it’s your responsibility for its success or demise. Not just of your own business, but the place that pays your bills, your family’s bills, employ your staff and add value to other people’s lives.

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Are you making these tax mistakes?

In this episode, we welcome two special guests: Gene Marks, national columnist, author, CPA and small business expert; and Jessica Page, CPA and senior tax manager at BHG. Get the perspectives of both a small business owner and someone who specializes in managing taxes for a corporation. Gene and Jess will talk common tax mistakes, how to set up for tax success, and how to put theory into practice.

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Navigating the medical practice lending landscape

Making sure that you understand the finances of your practice, the lending landscape, and the funding opportunities that are available to you is more and more critical every day. Understanding the landscape and how it impacts your business is your responsibility as the CEO of your practice, so you know which financial option is best for your practice and how to leverage it.

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4 DON’Ts of medical practice marketing

Anybody can tell you how to market your practice, but in this episode, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Panebianco tells you what NOT to do. The success of any practice depends upon attracting and retaining patients. So how, exactly, do new patients find you and existing patients keep you top of mind?

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How much is my medical practice worth?

Do you know how much your medical practice is worth? Host Keith W. Gruebele explains why should know your practice value, how to evaluate your net worth, and what you can do to increase your practice’s value.

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5 Simple Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients

Get five simple tips to market your services and expand your patient base through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

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