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When cash is tight, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Adjusting to increased healthcare regulation, delayed insurance reimbursements and mandatory technology upgrades can pull your attention away from your patients and leave you in a cash-flow crunch. With the necessary capital, you can worry less about the day-to-day and stay focused on the big picture.

Since 2001, Bankers Healthcare Group has been dedicated to providing loans for medical professionals and fast, flexible financing so doctors can get the cash flow they need. Our industry-specific experience means that we understand the unique healthcare business cycles and can quickly customize a commercial financing solution that aligns with your needs and goals.

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AMOUNTS FROM $20,000 UP TO $500,000


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Submit minimal documentation and get approved in 24 hours.

Review your terms and receive your funds via wire transfer in as few as 3 days.


This does not affect your credit score
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SEE WHAT BANKERS HEALTHCARE GROUP CUSTOMERS had to say about their financing experience

It was fast, business-like and without the usual pitfalls. I was highly pleased and plan to work with BHG in the future, should the need arise.

–Robert F., MD

This was an amazingly quick and simple process. This is nothing like dealing with your local bank! Loan received within the week with great, fair terms. Very good staff!

–Alan M., DDS/DMD

BHG provided better terms than their competition. I am now able to free up practice cash flow. This was a very efficient and easy process.

–John H., DDS/DMD

With this loan I am able to pay down business debt and add working capital. I would recommend BHG to my colleagues.

–Perry W., DDS/DMD

BHG was expedient in the closure of my business debt consolidation loan. I now have a plan for a debt-free practice by eliminating all credit card balances.

–Bradley S., DDS/DMD

BHG was fast and easy to work with and required less information. I can now purchase equipment, expand and grow my business. Start to finish was two weeks. Thanks!

–Chet J., DDS/DMD

Excellent customer service. Fast funding. I’m very pleased that I could consolidate bills and have money to open a second office.

–Amy D., MD

It was a very pleasant experience with BHG's speedy service and not much paperwork. Their team was friendly, prompt and courteous. I can now focus on building a new practice.

–Richard F., MD

BHG offered quite simply offered me the chance to grow my business with a privacy, expediency and professionalism that rarely found with traditional financing options.

–Reuben L., DDS/DMD

My personal credit history was in a rebuilding phase, yet I needed a business start-up loan for my new medical corporation. BHG understood my situation/value and really came through for me.

–David S., MD

BHG showed genuine intent to help allow me to get my business started off on the right foot. The speed at which everything was processed and the minimal paperwork was outstanding.

–Jackeline D., DDS/DMD

I applied with BHG in order to purchase equipment for my office and to begin direct marketing and was able to accomplish both. The experience was great, hassle free.

–Allan N., DDS/DMD

I did not feel that there was any undue pressure, or unreasonable requests. Considering the nature of the funding, I feel the rate was very competitive.

–Thomas M., DVM

BHG was very helpful and understanding of my personal needs. Thank you BHG.

–Marrion M., DVM

It was a fast and easy process.

–Mario C., DVM

Very professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure success. Would highly recommend this company to anyone trying to grow their business or for continued success.

–Barbara W. , NP

I found Bankers Health group staff all to be professional and prompt. I would highly recommend them for all of your loan services


Very professional and quick service. Everyone so pleasant to work with.

–Pintu P., PA

Exceptional customer service. Exceptional speed of transaction. Everything from start to finish (which was all of two days) was done with professionalism and ease. I would highly recommend BHG to family and/or colleagues.

–Joel C., OD

BHG made it very simple to obtain funding for my practice at a time when this factor was most important. They were very professional and made the process simple for me. I would highly recommend using this company.

–Dorrine G., OD

I was skeptical at first, but after speaking with my BHG representative I was very interested. I am pleased with the ease of the application process and funding.

–Patrick M., RPH

Bankers Healthcare Group showed me a level of respect as a healthcare professional by taking my personal and professional time into consideration. My total experience could not have been any better!

–Lauren S., RPH

This is my second experience with BHG, and I have found both times that everyone to be accommodating and respectful of my time constraints as a busy professional. Everyone made this seamless and pleasant.

–Kimberly H., RPH

Process was very streamlined and all staff was upfront about the overall process and time line to complete the loan process. Everyone was very informative and helpful, answering any and all questions prior to final loan approval.

–Andrea F., OT

The process from start to finish was very smooth and easy. We did not intend to borrow money at the onset, we were intrigued by the advertisement sent to the house. It became so easy that we used the loan to pay off other obligations.

–Patricia M., OT

BHG's customer service was outstanding! Everyone was very accommodating and answered all of my questions promptly and professionally. They were very patient and allowed for ample time before I made my decision. I was a little worried because it seemed so easy but they did not disappoint.

–Kelli G., OT

BHG is a very professional organization that truly wants to help its customers. The company's focus on healthcare workers was a big plus for me. I now have more financial security and have consolidated old debt.

–Dennis T., PA

My experience was top notch! I had many questions and the staff were all very well versed, informative and quick to reply to any text, call, or e-mail. Best of all was always getting an actual live person to talk to in any form of communication I used.

–Stacie S., PA

Most institutions are so big that nobody knows any better than the last. BHG is small, intimate and everyone seems to be working together to make me, the client, happy. I loved the personal attention and focus.

–Aristides B., PA

Local banks were not interested in helping to start a small business regardless of the demand for small business growth. This loan will assist me in purchasing a veterinary clinic I've worked at for almost 15 years. It is a dream come true for me.

–Felix P., DVM

I read the reviews about BHG and was impressed. I love my local bank but they never offered to give me a consolidation loan with good terms. Everyone at BHG was personable and professional.

–Brenda L., DVM

The process in securing a loan was quite simple and straightforward. I found the professionals I dealt with to be competent and very willing to help me. The time spent securing the loan was a fraction of what it would take relative to a conventional bank.

–James B., DVM


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Terms subject to credit approval upon completion of application. Loan sizes and interest rates vary and are determined by applicant’s credit profile. Call for complete program details.


To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies every customer. What this means for you: When you apply for a loan, we will ask for your name, address, date ofbirth, social security number and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents. If all required documentation is not provided, we may be unable to establish a customer relationship with you.