Care is a big word at BHG

It’s what we founded our business on and it’s at the heart of who we are. But it doesn’t just stop at our business model or our customers. The same level of care is put into our communities, our employees, and our environment. That’s why we created BHG Cares—to put a name to our commitment to social responsibility and define our passion for giving back.



Diversity and Inclusion

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment is something we take pride in and we feel it’s imperative to our success. Having a diverse workforce creates a healthy atmosphere. It also encourages different ways of thinking—which helps drive BHG’s innovation.

Compliance and Ethics

We hold regulatory and compliance matters, as well as risk management and reporting, to high standards. Our in-house senior-level regulations officers, compliance team, and general counsel work together to ensure BHG adheres to the foremost ethical standards.

BHG CARES about our


We’re so fortunate to have the resources to provide for our neighbors. It’s a privilege for us to give back to our communities in each of our locations, and we’re always looking for more ways to extend a hand. While there are many worthy causes that we support, we place a special focus on organizations that help promote improved healthcare. Since 2001, BHG has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in philanthropic efforts, in addition to in-kind and pro-bono donations. We give through: charitable donations, sponsorships, volunteerism, and foundations and grants.

We also recognize need beyond our backyards. That’s why we proudly support global causes to help people around the world. Some organizations we donate to include Operation Smile and Food for the Poor.

BHG CARES for our


Our people have built BHG to what it is today. They are our foundation and our lifeblood, which is why we work hard to create a place where they can grow and thrive—professionally and personally.

  • On-site gym facilities

    A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

  • On-staff personal trainers and nutritionists

    Offering fitness, weight loss, and disease management guidance.

  • Fully catered on-site cafeteria

    Serving fresh, healthy meal options. Every fifth meal is on BHG.

  • Charity involvement and volunteerism

    We offer opportunities for employees to serve through volunteerism and charity events.

  • Continuing education and professional advancement

    Covered by BHG to help our people stay up to date in their areas of expertise and develop new professional skills.

  • Monthly and annual employee recognition and bonuses

    For those who demonstrate our values: work ethic, teamwork, positive mental attitude, loyalty, and commitment to wellness.

  • BHG Work Wishes

    BHG gifts a total of $10,000 annually to two employees who are experiencing hardships.

BHG CARES for our


We believe in showing respect to this planet we share by reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our sustainable practices. Our facilities feature:

Increased green space

through landscaping with live shrubs, grasses and trees

Rainwater collection

that drains into green space to help eliminate water going into the city sewer system

Reflective roofing system

designed to help cut down on the AC requirements

Painted ceilings

designed to reflect natural and artificial light, allowing for reduced light fixtures and electrical consumption

Energy-efficient lighting

that is LED whenever possbile where we need artificial lighting

Programmed HVAC

to maximize heating/cooling

Maximize sun/natural light

with large windowed “atrium” in the center of the building adding warmth and an abundance of natural light

Low-flow shower heads

in locker rooms

Commitment to recycling

as much IT equipment as possible