Understanding Behavioral Differences to Make You a Better Practitioner

Most of us go through our day in somewhat of a habitual way; we have our routines, our patterns, and our responses to what comes at us in our work and in our everyday life. One way to create the best interactions with others that result in the best possible outcomes is to understand your

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Tips to build your own brand as a healthcare professional

When we hear about “personal branding,” it’s easy to dismiss the whole idea as Instagram influencer jargon, or something important for entrepreneurs. But in 2019, there’s a growing expectation that everyone will have a strong sense of who they are and what they can offer the working world. So what does “personal branding” mean, exactly?

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Fixed vs. Variable Rate Loan

Loans come in all shapes and sizes, and to find the right one for you requires research and thoughtfulness. For example: personal or business loans can come with fixed rates or variable rates, and the difference between the two is pretty significant, with discrete differences. A fixed rate allows you, as the borrower, to predict and

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It’s Tax Season! Is Your Practice Ready?

Budgeting as a business is hard enough. And budgeting as a medical practice presents its own set of challenges.  Now that tax season has crashed down upon us, it’s time to start going over last year’s expenses, costs, and Uncle Sam debts. As you go over last year’s files, don’t forget you’re eligible for specific

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Rundown of Healthcare Professionals Conferences 2019

 So many conferences, so little time.  We love going to conferences—seeing new emerging technologies, meeting peers and old and new friends, and learning about where various healthcare fields are headed. Going to conferences helps us do our jobs better, and we love that.  Here are a few North American expos and conferences we’re looking forward

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5 Tips For Financial Success in the New Year

The job of caretaking is stressful. And you do it every day—helping others live healthier, safer, happier lives. So to do that job as well as you can, you want to be showing up as free as possible of your own worries, anxieties, and frustrations.  To help ease your financial burden, we’ve put together a

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