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3 Highest Paying Dental Specialties to Pursue

Like most other industries on this planet, technology is steering the evolution of dentistry in big and important ways.

General dentistry alone is changing rapidly with the growing availability of 3D printing, the trend toward minimally invasive procedures, and an expansion in corporate dentistry practices. And considering the vast majority of people on the planet have teeth, dentistry—particularly great dentistry—is always in demand.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which specialty of dentistry you’re interested in pursuing. Dental research, international and/or government healthcare, public practice and private care—all pose their own challenges and benefits. Do you want to travel the world, giving care to those with the least access to it? Are you more interested in setting up your own practice, ensuring security for your family? Are you passionate about staying on the frontiers of dental technology and innovation?

With an eye on these trends, we broke down which areas could be the smartest to focus your career on.


With the radical transformation in the way orthodontics are applied to patients these days, this is another specialty that keeps you at the center of innovation. You’ll work with 3D printers and robots to straighten and correct teeth for medical and cosmetic reasons.

And speaking of cosmetics, cosmetic dentistry is on the rise, so demand isn’t going away anytime soon. They’re also among the better-paid dental practitioners, making, on average, $207,350 per year.


As an endodontist, you’ll be at the forefront of preventative dental care. Using cutting-edge treatments and technologies, you’ll ensure more patients keep more of their teeth for longer. In this specialty, you’ll also have more equal advantages working in private practice or for corporate care. That flexibility provides better job security and options.

Endodontists are also among the higher-paid dental practitioners, earning on average about $200,000 per year.


Thankfully, oral surgery has come a long way in just a short amount of time. And as an oral surgeon, you’ll be positioning yourself to work independently and gain experience in the most innovative space in dentistry. Plus, jobs for oral surgeons are expected to increase by 21 percent over the next few years.

Then, of course, there’s the matter of salary. To become an oral surgeon, you need quite a lot of education, of course. So what’s the ROI on that? Surgeons in general tend to be the highest-paid specialists in the field, averaging a salary of about $217,000 a year.

The dental industry has endless options for smart career moves. And Bankers Healthcare Group is a trusted partner—every step of the way. From dishing up industry insight to providing fast premium loans for dentists, your success is paramount to BHG.