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Buy Local and Network, Market Your Healthcare Services

Shop local campaigns encourage us to spend our hard-earned dollars in the neighborhood, town, city, state or region in which we live. When you purchase goods and services from small business owners, artisan producers and independent restaurateurs, according to supporters of the buy local movement, you are providing economic stimulation that helps create jobs, enhance democratic participation and even lower taxes!

As an important component of any local economy, healthcare practitioners benefit from a more robust financial environment. But you can also take advantage of your purchasing power to network, gain referrals and market your medical and dental services within the community.

Spread holiday cheer, celebrate birthdays and mark anniversaries with locally produced gifts for your professional colleagues. Frequent the businesses of patients and friends. Contract for supplies with local vendors. Make gift donations that support local medical and research charities. You’ll be letting your community know more about your personal values and preferences. When you show support for the business ventures of your patients and colleagues, you’ll be sharing some of your personality outside of the office and generating positive word-of-mouth for referrals.

Just as you want to provide more healthcare services to community members, they also want to sell more goods and services to you.Tweet: So, network with local producers, caterers, growers, suppliers, consultants and artists. They will feel more comfortable with you, recommend your healthcare services to others and come to you as patients.

With #shopsmall and #SpendSmarter, you can save a bundle on shipping, network within your community and build your patient base.