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Customer Story: Financing a Private Medical Practice at the Speed of Innovation

As a doctor and entrepreneur, Scott Jacobson, D.O., finds financial independence very important. And though the challenge of medicine is enjoyable for him, the costs of operating an independent practice—from facilities and equipment to payroll—add up fast.

Dealing with Business Expenses the Smart Way

Dr. Jacobson understands that running his independent medical practice takes money and hard work. While day-to-day costs are something he can expect, it’s not as easy to predict future ones. When expenses for new billing software, continuing education and a tax payment all showed up at once, he needed a loan to cover them without straining his personal finances.

Funding that Works at Your Speed, When You Need It

A few months prior, Dr. Jacobson received a mailing from BHG offering commercial working capital loans to physicians. At the time, he didn’t need a loan, so he stored it away, anticipating he may need it in the future with his practice’s changing financials. When Dr. Jacobson did need business financing, he called and BHG got right back to him.

Avoiding Financial Roadblocks in the Future

Dr. Jacobson received the funding he needed in four days, allowing him to consolidate his expenses and build his business’s credit, helping him avoid would-be future financial headaches.

“Within a matter of days, I was well on my way to establishing my corporate credit. I also had a bit of breathing room. My practice’s immediate debt was settled and I was left with manageable payments.”

The medical industry moves at light speed, and that means practitioners may need help keeping up. Often, the biggest hurdle is monetary, which isn’t something Dr. Jacobson would allow to stop him. With BHG’s help, the future of his practice is brighter and clearer than ever before.

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