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Customer Story: Debt Consolidation for Nurses

Letitia Barnett had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. When her life shifted gears and becoming an MD was no longer possible, Letitia proudly served her community for nearly 30 years as a registered nurse. While she’s had an excellent career, she was ready to spread her wings and pursue a new venture. Letitia set her sights on starting an online business to help individuals become and stay healthy. Her new endeavor is both worthy and exciting, but debt was standing in her way.

The Challenge
While Letitia was able to manage the debt itself, keeping track of different payments and due dates took focus away from her business. As a full-time nurse with a family, her time is limited. She found herself distracted by the many payment schedules—and not focused on her business.

A Lender Who Understands Nursing
Letitia received a letter from BHG that caught her eye. What struck her is how BHG appreciated and understood her contributions as a nurse. BHG was a partner and ally throughout the entire loan process.

The Results
Letitia paid off her outstanding through her loan from BHG and the remaining funds were deposited into her bank account. Paying off all her creditors was a magnificent moment.

“When I walked into the bank to pay off those creditors, I felt like a queen. Consolidating my debt gave me the opportunity to start 2019 with a clean slate.”

Without multiple interest rates, Letitia will be able to save more money, and with only one loan to pay, she will be able to save much more time and focus on her business.

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