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Healthcare is Our Middle Name: Medical Business Financing

Bankers Healthcare Group is where healthcare professionals find commercial financing that helps power medical businesses and healthcare careers. Since 2001, our medical business loans have assisted licensed practitioners as they build medical, dental and veterinary practices, clinics, pharmacies and more across the U.S. While other financial institutions may have one department that focuses on healthcare, or otherwise pays lip service to serving the financing needs of professionals in medical fields, BHG exists solely to create the most innovative financial solutions for healthcare professionals.

Recognizing that practitioners were underserved in the financial sector, the three founders of Bankers Healthcare Group started the company fifteen years ago with the idea of meeting the needs of a specific, important group of people—healthcare professionals. You and others like you have studied long years and often taken financial risks in order to prepare for careers that greatly benefit our communities. With determination you’ve gained the skills and experience required by modern medical practice. As a responsible, authoritative professional acting within a demanding and fast-paced industry, however, you’re also asked to handle many financial pressures. That’s when knowledgeable assistance and a loan process built with healthcare professionals in mind can help.


Company Ideals

Service, speed and efficiency—these are the three pillars of our work at Bankers Healthcare Group, concepts that give direction to the service that we provide our healthcare professional customers. It’s no surprise that practitioners like you are busy, but how many financial companies really understand what that means? You’ll find that our financial specialists are well aware of how constrained your schedule can get, and we offer effective customer assistance, at your convenience via telephone and email. As CEO Albert Crawford has said about our customers, “We work around their schedule at a convenient time—in between patients, at night, in the morning. We don’t require them to come in to our lobby, or into our office.”



The customer service at Bankers Healthcare Group goes beyond availability, though. Trained financing specialists, whose only customers are healthcare professionals like you, are willing to help you step-by-step with the application forms, answer your questions, even assist you with obtaining documents (with your permission of course). We understand that you place a high value on personal service, so unlike many of today’s new-age lenders that simply promise fast funding, we make sure that you are able to communicate with friendly, knowledgeable financing specialists.



With the speed at which you work every day caring for patients, don’t you deserve a quick answer about your loan application? At Bankers Healthcare Group, we provide approvals within 24 hours of the completion of the application. By providing a streamlined application process—one that requires minimal documentation—we try to shorten the amount of time you spend on paperwork. The speed behind our loan application process is twofold: because of our knowledge and expertise in healthcare, we require only the information we need to efficiently evaluate your application; and because we value your time, we make sure that you get an approval decision fast, within 24 hours. What’s more, once you have agreed to the terms of your loan, funding is available in as few as three days.



The third pillar of our work at Bankers Healthcare Group is efficiency. Every department is tasked with working quickly and carefully. For example, we look at every application to find a customized financial solution for that customer. With our experience and knowledge of the business of healthcare, we are able to intelligently assess each financial profile. We give you a fast answer, within 24 hours, but we also make sure to take enough time to fairly evaluate your application within the context of the many challenges faced by healthcare businesses, including slow reimbursement cycles, debt attributed to long training periods, fast-paced developments in medical technology, government mandated expenditures, etc. At Bankers Healthcare Group we understand that you must have the ability to adapt as you practice medicine, dentistry or animal health. And just as we have adapted our process and service to adjust to new challenges in healthcare, we want to help our healthcare professional customers promote their careers, adapt to new healthcare markets and explore new business models.

Healthcare professionals need medical working capital and financing solutions that are designed to assist in a modern, dynamic healthcare market. Invest in your business and career with the help of Bankers Healthcare Group. Contact your financial specialist at 866-297-4664 today, or get started online.

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