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How to Modernize Your Medical Practice

When you run your own medical practice, you have a lot to handle in your day-to-day. You might not think much about the software you use (or don’t use) or other technology that helps run your business. This can be to your detriment — if you don’t consider changing technologies, and the changing patient expectations that come with them, it’s easy to get left behind.

Investing in the future is crucial to the longevity of your practice. Making a financial commitment to modernize your practice now can help you bring in more revenue in the future. Bankers Healthcare Group offers working capital loans and other medical practice lending solutions that can help you with this process. Below are some modernizations that can make a huge difference at your practice.


Online Appointment Scheduling

Patients expect to be able to do everything online these days. With the right software, you can allow patients to schedule appointments online, view test results, and see a complete history of past appointments. On your end, you can send appointment reminders to help decrease missed visits, and send follow-up messages to patients as needed.


Population Health Tools

Monitor the health of your pool of patients as a whole while identifying individual patients within that group who may need specific services. Population health tools allow you to incorporate advanced analytics into your practice to help you better care for your patients. These tools can let you know when a patient is due for preventive care and even help identify their risk factors.


Waiting Room WiFi

Even the best run practice falls behind sometimes and leaves patients waiting for longer than intended. Most people find waiting rooms uncomfortable, and may get increasingly nervous about their visit while left sitting with no distractions. Providing WiFi in your waiting room gives patients a distraction, allows them to easily check in with family members if needed, and just generally makes them feel more welcome and comfortable.



Networking is important in any business, including a medical practice. Doximity is a social network specifically for doctors. It allows you to make professional connections across specialties and fields of interest, which can help when you need to make a referral. It’s also a great tool to use when you’re ready to hire a new doctor for your expanding practice.

There are many ways to bring your practice up to speed with modern technology. Don’t let the initial investment scare you away from implementing changes that can increase efficiency and potentially help drive revenue in the future. Get in touch with Bankers Healthcare Group today to discuss our working capital loans with an expert.


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