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Tips to build your own brand as a healthcare professional

When we hear about “personal branding,” it’s easy to dismiss the whole idea as Instagram influencer jargon, or something important for entrepreneurs. But in 2019, there’s a growing expectation that everyone will have a strong sense of who they are and what they can offer the working world.

So what does “personal branding” mean, exactly? Especially in the health care industry? It’s just a fancier kind of resume. It’s about organizing your strengths and skills and marketing them so that you’re hireable for exactly the position you want and are qualified for. 

Just getting started on personal branding? Start here. 

  1. First, know your differentiators. 

Write down all of your experience and everything you’re most skilled at. Writing down all of your experience in one place might reveal themes and through-lines of your particular skill set. How does this combination of skills set you apart from what you see in the market now? 

  2. Know your mission. 

Based on what you’ve discovered are your differentiators, write a personal mission statement for your professional persona. Who are you? What do you do best? What’s your elevator pitch for yourself? 

This should be encompass both your professional qualifications and interests and your personal strengths and ambitions. Maybe you’re a strong, sensitive leader or a born researcher or a master collaborator. How is what you do boosted by who you are? 

Distill these qualities into two or three sentences. And remember you’ll evolve this statement as you and your career evolve and progress, too. 

  3. Network. (But not like you think.) 

Palm-pressing used to be mandatory drudgery of handing your card to every person you meet with a loose connection to your practice. But your efforts and time will be maximized and rewarded if you have a focused and unaggressive approach to networking. You’re not a used car, so don’t sell yourself like one! You have a service you can provide for someone who needs it and wants it done well. So ask people connected to what you’re interested in for coffee. Don’t sell. Talk. Listen. Ask lots of questions and consider these meetings a learning opportunity. You’ll get a feel for the marketplace, the nature of the work in the field you’re pursuing and, hey, you may make a new friend who just may make a connection for you to your perfect job. 

  4. Make a website. 

A couple of years ago it was mandatory to make a LinkedIn page. Now? It’s pretty much mandatory to make a personal website. 

The good news is services like SquareSpace and Wix are super easy to use, with pre-fab templates for all kinds of aesthetics and functions. Pick a URL that’s as close to your name as possible. Make your site simple and easy to read (very much like your resume and/or portfolio). Consider keeping a blog where you offer information related to the work you’ve done and want to do. Use this as a space to flex and show your expertise. You’re an authority. Let your future employers see that. 

Here’s what to make sure you include: 

  • Where you can be found on social media
  • Your mission statement
  • Some examples of your work 
  • Testimonials from former colleagues and professional associates
  • A brief bio and headshot 

Don’t tell your life story, but do give a sense of who you are and what you’re like to work with. You like tea, HBO shows, and swimming. Your cat’s name is Boots. You were born to do this work. Things like that.

  5. Cultivate the career you want. 

Keep looking to the future as you gather what you’ve done in the past. What is the career you want to have and what do you need to do to get it? Do you need to get a special certificate or a higher degree? Can you shadow or spend time with someone who’s doing the job you want to do? Keep layering on your skills and let your interests guide you. What you’re drawn to is likely to be what you’re great at. So, as always, trust your gut. 

Now that you’ve gone over these five personal branding tips, let us help you! We want to see you succeed and help you advance in your career, whether it be with the funds to market yourself, build your own website (or hire someone to do it for you). Contact Bankers Healthcare Group today to help you get the ball rolling.