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Podcast: 5 Simple Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients

Digital marketing is an effective way to market yourself and expand your patient base. If you aren’t leveraging online channels to promote yourself and/or your medical practice, you may be missing out on an opportunity to boost your patient pool and in turn, your financials. 

You don’t need extensive experience or a huge budget to begin outreach. Learn how utilizing three main digital channels, as outlined in Bankers Healthcare Group’s first episode*, “Simple Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients,” can help you market easily and efficiently.

Bankers Healthcare Group, a leading national financial partner to over 100,000 healthcare professionals, and Digital Impulse, an award-winning digital marketing agency focused on business growth, have partnered in a roundtable discussion to help you apply their expertise and understand the value of sustained patient growth. Listen to the first episode of Bankers Healthcare Group’s podcast series, “Perfecting Your Practice.”


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*BHG recognizes the sensitivity with healthcare records and privacy laws. BHG and our partners urge all practitioners to be cognizant of HIPAA and other legal considerations in any outbound marketing conducted by you, your staff, paid vendors or third party media sites.